Therapy Services and Fees

Is this for you?

Are you wondering if you’re still on track in your life and work, or how you can become stronger, healthier and more vital?
Do shifting priorities and conflicting responsibilities leave you feeling confused? Maybe you feel anxious, depressed or even lost, but aren’t sure why?

Chambers-3_ppI’m Judy Chambers. My work is dedicated to assisting people like you to cut through the difficulties we all experience. I’ve assisted thousands of individuals, couples, families and businesses in creating lives that are clearer, richer and happier than they had dreamed possible.


Are you ready to see the beauty of your true self more clearly? I would consider it a privilege to witness and support the greater unveiling of your essential true nature.

Therapy burns away confusion, clarifying your view of your life and its challenges, and helping you find responses within your own heart. It’s different for everyone thanks to the individual personalities and histories involved.

Once you have a clear grasp of the root of your concerns you will feel empowered to act on the strengths you have acquired.

I bring more than twenty years of experience to my work with you, enabling us to find the best approach for your needs.


Groups are great. I love the way in groups, everyone grows and stretches together. If you’ve never participated in a group experience, maybe it’s time to give it a chance.

Groups can pick up where therapy leaves off, in practical interaction with other people who are grappling with many of the same issues. Groups address roles, dynamics, beliefs, relationship skills, fulfillment issues, and freedom.

“Judy, your people skills are wonderful! You elicit feelings with respect, you show caring, and you are easy to understand.”


Are you ready to take a major leap forward? Attend one of Judy’s exciting workshops and classes. See our calendar for current offerings.

“Great job. Great workshop!”

“Very relevant and real.”

If you want to improve the quality of your life by eliminating difficulties, learning new skills and easing your mind, and if you know things can be better for you, your relationships or your work situation, why not get started now?

Let’s make sure your life and work serve your real wants and needs.

There are so many ways and reasons to get off-balance these days. I can help you if you:

  • experience depression, anxiety, addiction or codependency
  • are plagued by early-life trauma or dysfunction, or if you are a survivor of abuse, rape or war
  • want to raise the love quotient in your relationship
  • want to improve your business by maximizing understanding and teamwork among staff members

If you have some of the typical problems that come with being human, and if you know when to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed, confused and out of focus, you’re halfway to healing.

Humans are interdependent. Sometimes people may need you to help them with what you’re good at. You may need someone like me to be there for you. We’re all part of the great circle of life.

If your early life was disturbing or confusing, or if the speed of your life is overwhelming, you may show signs of anxiety or depression. Denial, distraction and using substances won’t actually make the problems pass. All the working out in the world won’t make your problems work out. And medications go only so far.

I believe that there’s a reason for whatever is happening in your life. It may feel like you’re in a cage – it could be a nice cage, but still, a cage is no place to stay.

You can learn how to use your mind as an ally, not an antagonist. You can come to a place where all your feelings can be heard and held in a safe container.

Get a qualified perspective on your difficulties.What works is to be heard by someone who is committed to your well-being and who has the skills to help you to sort it all out. Get to the origin of your emotional or relational problems. Receive the caring support you need, in a safe, confidential setting, from a highly qualified professional.

A truly therapeutic relationship is one that has the potential for healing.

Fees are important to both of us. At times I have openings for insurance-paid clients, which represent a reduced-fee basis in most cases. Otherwise, my fee is $125 per 50 minutes for individuals, $150 for couples and families, $60 for group therapy.

I would welcome hearing from you! You can contact me at 503 970 8662 or contact Judy.