Organizational Consulting

I bring a sharp eye for systems-related problems and a refined ear for the human issues involved. I have facilitated change management programs through staff retreats, team development, visioning and strategic planning in business, non-profit and school settings. I have developed programs on cultural diversity and conflict resolution for the largest school district in the Northwest U.S., mediated on homelessness and neighborhood differences, and facilitated conflict for an environmentally-oriented small business.

Are you ready to see the real potentials for your organization be reached? You started out with a vision for your organization to be a productive environment, but change happens. If you’re losing track of the forest for the trees, I can help you get back on track or discover a more effective approach.

The Approach

The Chambers approach involves understanding things often overlooked in the daily life of a workplace. Things like…

  • Rank and Power — who has them, and how do they work?
  • Your origin story — how did your unique system come into being?
  • Levels of communication — networks of gossip vs. formal communications; who speaks, who doesn’t, and why; what is being said vs. what is being heard
  • Motivational needs — when do things go well, when poorly?
  • Change and its impact. If you have change, there is impact. Do you know what to look for and how to deal with it?

We will work with you to “diagnose” what’s not working, then coach you and your staff to reduce problem areas and maintain motivation.

Diversity means more than visible differences. Everyone functions differently, which brings richness and, sometimes, complications. At Chambers we specialize in processes that bring in all the voices and perspectives to tap the brilliance, strength, uniqueness and value each person brings to the table.

Put our accessible tools and interactive processes to work for you. Contact us to learn more about what Judy and her colleagues can do for your organization’s growth.

“Judy is able to expertly handle a wide variety of circumstances and situations. She encouraged each of us to think deeper and wider about the conversations we were having. Judy’s leadership allowed us to make wiser and kinder decisions.”

—Dana Jacobs, Principal

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