My Approach


When you work with Judy Chambers and Chambers for Healing, you get an effective partner in the transformation you’re seeking.

The Chambers approach is woven of trustworthy tools, an accurate assessment of your needs, and a deep trust in the mysterious workings of life.

You can expect to form relaxed, collaborative, interactive relationships in working with me. I like to get to know my clients via comfortable sharing, and I readily offer my observations from the outset – hopefully, and with sensitivity.

I’m an optimist: I believe in the likelihood of positive change, given effort, enthusiasm and openness within our working relationship.

My work has evolved in response to my own growth and my awareness of client needs. I can offer you

  • 20+ years’ experience working with individuals, groups, non-profits and small businesses
  • Reliable techniques, drawn from many cultures and approaches, for long-term success in life and in work
  • A proven method (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which reliably provides relief of long-held patterns and traumas
  • Skillful, creative approaches for dealing with conflict situations
  • Body-based awareness skills for relief of anxiety and depression
  • Groups and workshops designed to support your growth

What can I do today to help bring healing to your life and work? What can we weave together to produce a less troubled, more alive, more enjoyable, and more beautiful experience for you?


Initially I would like to work with you on a weekly basis to establish solid improvement from symptoms and current stresses. We would be likely, thereafter, to taper off to less frequent sessions as you become more ready to deal with life on its own terms.

Organizational consulting:

I have advised and facilitated with small family businesses, schools, non-profits and world-class corporations. I would love to bring my process-oriented skills to bear on your situation.

Call me at 503 970 8662 for a personal introduction or to set up your initial appointment.

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