EMDR for Trauma and Change

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a fancy name for a fairly direct, immediate and effective tool I appreciate having in my toolbox for difficult issues. Along with Process Work techniques, it can be most useful for clients who have experienced traumas or long-term patterns of shaming, criticism, abuse or neglect.

I am fully trained in EMDR, including Basic, Advanced, and Performance Enhancement approaches.

The eye movement involved in EMDR apparently effects change by accessing old, possibly traumatic material from one’s memory bank, permits us to appreciate its impact and bodily presentation, and then serves as a means of weaving new, more positive and beneficial beliefs and behaviors in their place. All of this is becoming more fully understood via the current revelations of brain science.

My my own use of EMDR moves vitally toward a fuller recognition and remembrance of the deep beauty you and I are inherently born to embody!