Clients & Colleagues

“Judy brings high spice to the stew of current living.”

Jean Houston, PhD

From Clients

The following statements are drawn from actual client experiences, in their own words. Due to confidentiality I am not free to use clients’ names. Someone who had experienced a traumatic breakup reports, “I see my memories differently now. I can think of dating again.” A person whose life had been fraught with addiction and self-doubt now says, “I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need alcohol anymore to relax.” A parent whose life has been marked by exhaustion, loss and worry about her children is able to say, “It’s a surprise. You mean this is how good one can feel?”

From Colleagues

Judy is able to expertly handle a wide variety of circumstances and situations. She encouraged each of us to think deeper and wider about the conversations we were having. Judy’s leadership allowed us to make wiser and kinder decisions. —Dana Jacobs, Principal

From workshop participants

“Outstanding…. Extremely worthwhile, well organized, well presented.” “Judy is outstanding, in the depth and breadth of her understanding and in her spiritual nature.” “The leadership was outstanding.” “I appreciate your openness to different points of view and the support you give to the discussions.” “Very relevant and real.”