About Judy

Hi, I’m Judy Chambers.

Chambers-10_ppOver the years of my professional life in Portland, I’ve worked in many roles aimed at deepening my clients’ and students’ happiness, insight and sense of personal power. In private practice as a psychotherapist, as well as in my work as a consultant, my focus is on consciousness, diversity, and working from the heart.

I love the deep democracy of the many voices in the world. I like to tap into the wisdom of the group and open up everyone’s possibilities.

My work includes services to clients in psychotherapy, as well as with businesses and non-profits. I provide consultation with thorny issues, team-building and the psychology of staff development.

I have also served as a mediator on homelessness issues, worked on a school board and led a grass-roots social activism task force. And like many of you, I have been through the ups and downs of relationships and parenting.

For fun, I love to hike, play tennis, bike, garden and enjoy my big, amazing family – partner, kids, grandkids, mom and “a cast of thousands” of siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews. The whole rich, interesting tapestry.

My thirst for learning has brought me three masters degrees and some useful certificates:

  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Oregon with a masters from the State University of New York at Buffalo
  • I recently completed a masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change through the Process Work Institute, with an international faculty and a cohort of students from around the world
  • Finally, I have a masters in educational administration and have taught from elementary through graduate course levels.
  • I am also a nationally certified addictions specialist (CAS), and
  • I practice EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with many clients for the relief of various kinds of suffering due to traumas and negative patterns.

The work I do draws on wonderful, extraordinary opportunities I’ve enjoyed:

  • Training and practice with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for 15 years
  • Selection by my peers as Oregon Social Worker of the Year
  • A federal grant to lead a diversity program, Project TREC, for staff and students in Portland Public Schools
  • Conflict facilitation training with Arny Mindell, PhD and the Process Work Institute
  • Mythic journeying with famed mind researcher Jean Houston, PhD
  • Certification in Hakomi Therapy with Ron Kurtz, originator of Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy
  • Training with David Schnarch in relationship issues and sexuality

What does all this mean to you? My commitment to my own growth and to my community is like the commitment I bring to my work with you. If you choose to work with me, I will look for you to show me your commitment to your own or your business’s growth in authenticity and aliveness! Ready to join me?

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