Welcome to Chambers for Healing…

a space for healing, resolving questions and conflicts, advancing your dreams, and finding meaning in your life, work and relationships.

Judy brings high spice to the stew of current living.  –Jean Houston

The chambered nautilus means “keep moving, always unfold, you can shift from where you are, to where you are headed.” Life wants us to keep moving, but we’re not always sure how to direct ourselves. In our personal and professional lives, we all get confused or overwhelmed at times. Judy brings over 25 years of professional experience, training and expertise in service of working with you. Whether it’s the internal challenge of healing and personal development, or outer-world issues like workplace and relationship conflicts,  I am eager to support your process.

image001Like the spiraling shell, we all have private inner places, as well as outer aspects where our lives meet the world. Judy Chambers at Chambers for Healing can support you at all points along the journey. Let’s discover how we can work together to make your life and work more alive. Please look around to see more about: